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Edgar Serrano Gomez
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Edgar Serrano Gomez

  1. david pinto

    RB is the best media on line in the city with a lot of quality of music, sentences and sound. Big Edgar makes an interesting programation with his voice and style, Congratulations !!

  2. david pinto


    Man Interest in the origin of things has taken him to high levels of knowledge and science. The meaning of Electronics is derived from the word Techne that means Technique that generates changes by the ability of making things that involves the way of living and thinking of humanity. Electronics also implies the work that depends of the flow of electrons, voltage, capacity and inductance. It is a discipline that searchs applications and manifestations of electricity and magnetism in natural or artificial ways, helping people to do things that contributes to the evolution of the society and industry affecting human thinking and its behavior that carry fast information in many ways and thus develops technology. This speciality merges science, physical and maths that could be simulated with programs such: Spice, Livewire, Arduino or Matlab. Electronics predict behavior of electric systems such passive elements such coils, capacitors or resistances and actives such diodes, transistors or integrated circuits, microcontrollers in domains of time or frecuency either direct or altern courrent. Electronics exits thanks to the relation of law of ohm with their theorems of Kirchhoff and equivalents such Thevenin or Norton and applications of mesh or nodes for simplify circuits with dependent and not dependent sources.
    (David Pinto)

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